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OMG stephen fry called me "Schatzi"!!!!!!!

Thats pretty much the highlight of my week :-)
my, what an exiting life i lead

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so much for journalkeeping

o.k. so that didn't work out that well, but i'm back to posting and maybe this time i'm keeping up the good work.
i'm back to reading potter slash, which i've neglected this past year and am sifting through old snarry prophet posts to find me some snarry goodness

in other news: i've finally found a job...well, ok my father asked me to work for him, but nevertheless it's work and i get paid... i don't actually know how much yet but i have to work 15,5 hours per week, so if for example i would get 8 euros per hour that would make...496 euro a month!!!! yeah!!!!Macbook here i come!

well, i guess thats it for the moment

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i hate sundays

on to the second day of journal keeping

what i hate most about living with my parents again, besides from having to stay in the guest bedroom, is that on sundays they're always around
theres alway someone asking "what are you doing at the moment" or "can you do the laundry?"
gah, SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't wait to live alone again
but for that to happen i'd first have to find something to do
I'd like to conntinue studying, preferably english in bremen, but i just don't know

and anyway, i'd have to wait till october to start in bremen so i'd still have 9 months of domestic hell ahead of me

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.ok, after being rather juvenile for just one noble moment, i go on to say that (besides of course not jizzing in my pants) i will post another entry tonight, this one containing some pictures
can't sleep anyway
so here goes


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well, since i found some delish new jooster fics to devoure i have to stop posting now.
by the way the art is obviously not my own but created by people who are far more talented than i am.

well then, till tomorow


new doctor

ok, so some 26 year old brit with an unfortunate face gets to be the new doctor.
i've never heard of this matt smith before so i can't really judge his skills but one thing is pretty clear: he ain't no sexy!david nor hot!christopher.
and worse, he's 26
i mean 20fucking6
that's only 3 years older than me
that guy gets to play one of, if not the, most iconic tv-character in britsh television history at just 26, and i can't even manage to finish uni or even just get a parttime job
but enough moaning about my inability to grow up, i downloaded the qi christmas special and am super excited for the new series which starts...let me just check...OMG NEXT FRIDAY (hihi Fry-day)!!!!
but now i have a whole week of anticipation ahead of me...meh :-()
ah well, enough for today (2 posts in one day, a good start)
till tomorow
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new year new journal

ok so another new journal
ah well...maybe this time i'll get around to actually post something now and again
new years resolution no.1 : to actually keep this journal and not abandon it after a few weeks!
maybe it will help me improve my english skills a bit
(but than again i have nobody to correct my mistakes....bollocks)
anyway, since it's 3 p.m. in my part of the world and i'm still in bed, i should try to get up and be productive re. clean the house so my mum won't freak out when she comes back from berlin tonight.

 so farewell and till tonight
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